Our Purpose

To grow purpose-driven, nutritious and sustainable produce for a healthier and sweeter world.

Our sustainability priorities are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Working Together

Partnerships for the Goals

These goals can only be met if we work together. Sharing ideas and building partnerships to work towards sustainable development is key.

Some of our Projects

Carbon neutrality

First Multi Farm Banana Company to obtain a Carbon Neutral Certification

Aligned with Costa Rica's vision of sustainable development, our company has led and implemented various initiatives and projects within its operations as part of its commitment to a sustainable future. Our carbon neutral certification, which guarantees the compensation of all the carbon emissions that are generated from our daily farming operations. The Banana Division, with more than 9000 hectares (close to 23000 acres) under production, began the certification process in 2017 and successfully achieved it, as the goal was set, in 2021.

Supporting clean energy

Top 5 Solar Panel Installations in Costa Rica

Our company has the goal to continuously reduce emissions. One approach and solution has been reducing the energy use as much as possible and implementing cleaner energy generation sources. We pride ourselves in the also use of solar energy to power all of our operation. Our solar energy project, included more than 9000 solar panels that take an area of 182,000 square feet. These panels drive 3,300,000 kWh of clean energy to the grid and support the growth of sustainable fuel sources.

Recycling 100% of the plastics we use

Joining Costa Rica’s effort to recover and process plastic waste

According to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), as of 2018, Costa Rica’s plastic industry was the third largest within the country. Our company has made a new stride to help combat the country’s renewable waste program by recently launching the operations of our recycling plant. In the past years, we have made intentional efforts to reduce our waste and recycle 100% of the plastic that we use in our operations. A total 3,5 tons of plastic will be recycled per year.

Education for futures generations

Books for all

Investing in education is one of the pillars of our sustainability strategy. Through a multi-stakeholder approach, where the public and private sectors work together, the company aims to. Our work with the program “Books for all”, began in 2013, providing materials for 6 schools in the province of Limón, Costa Rica. However, each year, we have reached our goal to add more schools and more cities to the program. By 2022, 32 educational centers have been benefited, with a totala total of 17,172 books for 4,293 students from the I and II cycle.